TRoK! presenta: Zun Zun Egui + The Great Saunites | GIOVEDI’ 20.05.10

 _ GIOVEDI’ 20 maggio, ore 21.30   


TRoK! JointSventure proudly presenta:

   * ZUN ZUN EGUI [afro-punk  |  uk/japan/mauritius]
   * The GREAT SAUNITES [hard psy-trance  |  lodi]

… una produzione JointSventure

  more infos sugli artisti:


Zun Zun Egui (from Bristol via Mauritus and Japan) conjure up music will a full-bodied rebel sound. It rolls and rolls. A heavy, heavy dance band who fire up mighty, eternal grooves propelled by tropical melodies, East African guitar practice, Japanese pysch and multi-lingual incantations. They make a rainbow blare of rhythm and sound that pulls both the rockers and the writhers to its heart. Very On The Corner’ and a blast.
The band’s rep comes on the back of some raucous live shows and the club night they run in Bristol called ‘How Come’. They count musicians as diverse as Mark Ribot, A Hawk and A Hacksaw, Fuck Buttons, Geoff Barrow, Chris Corsano and The Ex among their fans. They are building a delirious fan base across Europe and can’t wait to be play shows.
Zun Zun Egui released their first EP ‘Bal La Poussiere’ on Blank Tapes in October. The title is a Mauritian saying loosely translated as ‘The best dancer raises more dust from the floor…’. This will be followed by a second a set untitled EP in April 2010.



The Great Saunites è un progetto nato con l’intento di miscelare l’hard rock luciferino di matrice Sabbathiana con le atmosfere stranianti del kraut.
I fautori sono Atros (bassi) e Lenny (tamburi). Suonano insieme dal 2008.

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