TRoK! presenta: Jealousy Party + A034

_ venerdi’ 08 ottobre 2010, ore 22

[soul hc – firenze/berlin/&more]
* A034
[deathstep – milano]

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Poco da dire, dal 95 uno dei gruppi più entusiasmanti e sorpredenti della scena mondiale.
L’unica costante dei loro concerti è che spaccano. Detto tutto.

Definiti dalla stampa di un inascoltabilità senza precedenti il Jealousy Party rilancia la sfida con la volontà di affermare che non esiste musica difficile ma troppo spesso siamo noi ad essere faciloni. Rock ‘n’ roll astratto, Funk nichilista, estetica del detrito, heavy voodoo espressionista: con qualunque definizione vogliate ingabbiarli il Jealousy Party è qui per testimoniare che qualsiasi sia l’oscuro meccanismo che vi fa battere il piedino l’essenza del suono è nella visione.”.

* A034


Iin 2002 all the people met in the years before gave life to v.a.l.i.s., a massive project based on a robotic show by tana’s creatures and other friends. we made together parties, big events, trying to distribute brains to people. in the meanwhile we began another collaboration with the bulk and the new born b-team, a rocking drum’n’bass crew.
After some sad facts of those years, the death of friends, the death of places and the end of projects, everything began to change.
In the last years I have been collaborating and making music with other friends: hyena, mbst8, kimera, alice and her boyband, no human no cry, figli di diapa, techno resistance. thanks to these projects I changed radically my approach to the liveset and also the way to compose my patterns.
In 2010 the constant collaboration with pablito el drito, hyena, mbst8 and manual destruction, gives birth to the italian RXSTNZ label with its first vynil release. the project was born 2 years before and took us 2 years of savings…
Today nuke satori has become a web-label that produces music online. the old projects left place to some new others and things go on hidden in the dark of an underground starving scene based in the meat of a gray, wet and foo tggy city that kills the brain.
My music has always been inspired by those electronic alchemists that broke the scenes with their new sound, such as aphex twin, autechre, mouse on mars, squarepusher and all those who followed… but at the same time I never stopped listening to post-rock, dark, new wave, noise, punk and everything inspired me in its own way.
Everything I do is copyright free for every kind of non-commercial collaboration, work, situation.
You can download tracks from the mp3 page, they are all registered with “Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic” license atCreative Commons.
All my love and respect goes to those music-lovers who were with me in my walk through electronic music: bruno dorella, bbs, skeeme, allun, paola bianchi, luca valisi, blackqirex and sforzesco incisioni, s.q.o.t.t., bulk, 4042, pergola, cox18, la cueva, folletto 25603, foa boccaccio, #bambini (irc), #squarepusher (irc), acid drops, davich, pippo, alli, zuma, andrez, nomoredogs, b-team, andi, hyena, mbst8, kimera, pablito, andrea marutti, synthelabo, anticracy, ripit, nijuchin, shobu, sense, … and many, many others.

Do you believe in love?

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